2/5/24: Helmet Sticker Day, What’s Up With Texas Tech Basketball, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Patrick Mahomes, HBD Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins Hatred, Must Listen Las Vegas Lifestyle Podcast, The Maines Brothers Band & A Mattress On A Golf Course. Happy Monday, Y’all

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Happy Monday Y’all!

There are rumors out there that the wind may slow down this week. I’ll take it. Playing hell on my allergies and sinuses this past weekend. Of course it keeps a lot of Yankees from moving in, so it does have its benefits. Hopefully y’all had a great weekend. We’ve got a big day ahead, so let’s get started. Much to talk about this evening on The Daily Broadcast at 6:30 LIVE on Twitter(X), YouTube and Facebook.

Helmet Stickers

There are many helmet stickers, but only one Raiderland Sticker. Highly coveted and sought after and only you can hand them out each Monday. Who deserves some recognition for being awesome, sports or non-sports this week?

Here’s a few folks we’re handing out stickers to this week:

The Texas Tech Alumni Court Jester Band. The students had a concert Saturday night so the Old Folks jumped in. No injuries reported.

Robert Jennings. On a day where Texas Tech MBB struggled for consistent contributors he showed up.

Anyone who watched the Pro-Bowl. Wait. Being told you don’t need a sticker, you need help.Significant help.

Lady Raider Basketball voice Mark Finkner. He stayed away from he Skyline Chili in Cincinnati. Good call.

Gas stations with good tasting Diet Coke on fountain. This is getting harder and harder to find…

Ludvig Aberg. Got a feeling he’s gonna have a few stickers on his golf bag by the end of the summer. Love his international representation of Texas Tech.

Texas Tech Basketball – What’s Wrong?

Short answer. Nothing.

Welcome to the Big 12 in 2024 where any slight off-day is gonna make winning hard to do. This team is still learning, playing on house money even at this point in the conference season. These games are out there for every team in the league. Houston is a Final Four team and they just got smoked on the road… For Tech Saturday, that was life when you don’t hit threes and you don’t have an offense that can get to the rim against a long team like Cincy. They’ll learn. Or they won’t We’ll see.

We’ll discuss Texas Tech MBB and the Lady Raiders tonight during the Daily Broadcast with y’all.

Raiderland Hot-Links

We search the internets for cool stuff we think folks in Raiderland will like. It’s what we do for you. You can add in your own cool links in the comment section. If you like it, chances are folks in Raiderland will enjoy it too. From Texas Tech and pro sports to West Texas and music. A little of everything each day.