5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Welcome To 2021!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

Brought to you in part today by Lubbock’s own Gator’s Bayou!

  1. Most of the things you worried about and were concerned about in 2020 have no idea it’s 2021. Calendars don’t matter to those things. You’ll have to take care of those things yourself.
  2. When someone tells you a piece of furniture isn’t heavy, that it’s just awkward to move, what they’re really saying is that it’s heavy.
  3. Top 3 Things You Intend To Do More Of in 2021. This one is for y’all! Get after it and post it here. It will motivate you.
  4. Prediction: This time next year Dallas Cowboys fans will be making excuses for how they missed the play-offs again.
  5. The citizens of Lubbock deserve the City Council wasting millions of your tax dollars on a useless, Bum-Attracting Downtown Park because of their apathy and unwillingness to hold elected officials accountable in every way possible. Get ready for massing spending and debt being taken on by Lubbock and the County over the next year.