5 Things We Know On A Sunday – What We Don’t Make, Soup, Rock And Roll Rankings, Texas High School Bands, Well Behaved Kids. Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. It’s amazing how few things we make in the United States these days. At some point, if you don’t make anything, you won’t have the ability to buy anything; becoming share-croppers to the world. All of this is by design by the way. Decades upon decades of valuing an ”information economy” over a production economy. The education elites didn’t want their precious kids to get dirty. We devalued vocational education and job-skills. We did this to ourselves. One must ask why?
  2. It’s been rainy and cool these past few days in West Texas. My wife made the first ”fall soup” of the season Saturday, a cheesy hashbrown soup with smoked sausage. It was perfect. I love all seasons, but the fall into winter seems to be the best backdrop for great foods. That said, this house will be Pumpkin Spice Free!
  3. Top 3 Iconic/Most Identifiable Opening Chords-Notes In Rock And Roll History: No.3. “Honky Tonk Women” – The Rolling Stones. No. 2. ”Back In Black” – AC/DC. No.1 ”Smoke On The Water” – Deep Purple.
  4. Speaking of ”Smoke On The Water”, every high school band in the Great State of Texas should be required by law to play that and the Go-Gos ”We Got The Beat” every Friday night during football season.
  5. What does it say when dining out or just being in a public place that well-behaved children are more noticeable than Wildcat Kids going crazy and showing disrespect…