5 Things We Know On A Wednesday: From Why Mayo Is A NO GO To Teams Dallas Cowboys Fans MUST Hate, To The Bee Gees And Dr. Fauci Plus Why I Feel Like Henry Hill From Goodfellas . . . Enjoy, Comment And Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Wednesday

  1. Mayo just shouldn’t be on a hamburger. At any time. Unless…. It’s a Wendy’s hamburger. For some reason, that’s the only hamburger I enjoy with mayo. I think it’s because for years Wendy’s would screw-up my order and I’d end up with mayo instead of mustard and I finally gave up. Now, it’s the way a Wendy’s burger should taste to me. Other than that, mayo is just a fourth-stringer when it comes to condiments for pretty much everything. If ranch dressing replaced mayo in nearly every role mayo plays, most folks would be happy.
  2. I’ve not been a Dallas Cowboys fan for many decades now. Thank you, Jerry Jones, for freeing me to follow good to great teams. That said, the most hated NFL teams for all Cowboys fans should be as follows: No.1 Green Bay. No. 2 Washington ( They made Roger Staubach cuss… ) No. 3 San Francisco. No. 4 Philadelphia. No. 5 St. Louis Cardinals and Conrad Dobler.
  3. Top 3 Bands I Don’t Listen To Nearly Enough: No. 3 Molly Hatchet. No. 2 Duran Duran (79-83) No. 1 Bee Gees (Seriously, go back and listen to their stuff. It stands the test of time. )
  4. Anyone who still thinks Dr. Anthony Fauci is telling you the truth regarding Covid, how it originated, how it can be treated and how the government should work to mitigate it; can’t be helped. The problem is that there’s an astounding amount of folks who want to hear what he’s saying. That should scare the hell out of most Americans.
  5. There is no great Italian food restaurant in Lubbock. Why is that? You’d think a city of 300,000 metro would attract at least one great Italian restaurant.If you think there are, you let me know! I feel like Henry Hill living in Arizona at the end of Goodfellas.