6/17/24: Helmet Sticker Monday – Who Gets Yours This Week, Raiderland Hot Links Featuring Ludvig Aberg, Basebrawls, The Macho Man & Chad Hasty Eats A Steak

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Happy Monday, Y’all !

Hope all the Dads out there had a great Father’s Day! Whether it meant being outside and having fun or just kicking back and watching Rory McIlroy gack up the US Open, hopefully you got the day you wanted. I got hot wings for supper. Life is good.

This week we’ve got the CWS going into high gear with elimination game after another. Very emotional sight there in Omaha to watch the t-shirt vendors rush to put out the shirts and hats of the eliminated team minutes after a game ends on the 75% off table. Insult to injury. If you’re a Virginia Baseball fan, it’s when you buy your stuff each year though….

We’ll talk about that, the Texas Tech transfer portal pick-ups and more tonight LIVE at 6:30 on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Join the show with your questions and comments.

Helmet Sticker Monday

Every Monday we celebrate greatness in sports and beyond. We hand out the coveted Raiderland Helmet Stickers. Who gets yours this week?

  1. Ludvig Aberg. He gave us a great ride for most of the weekend at the US Open. His day is coming soon. Every time they show that Double T on his bag it’s big advertising and recruiting for Texas Tech.
  2. The Omaha police officers who gently escorted out the idiot Aggie fans taunting the Florida dugout Saturday night after a long rain delay. If you know, you know.
  3. George Strait. 109 thousand and change at a concert down at Kyle Field. Now, if we’d known he wanted to set a record we could have done it here in Lubbock. We’ve got the room. Call us, George, let’s go for 115,000 on Labor Day Weekend.

Raiderland Hot Links

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