Daily Broadcast

Daily Video Broadcast: Texas Tech Baseball Postponed. It’s So Windy That________! Your Master’s Champions Dinner Menu (Must Contain Fried Okra). Plus, Is America Better Off Today Than Yesterday With Arraignment Of Pres. Donald Trump? Great Conversation Tonight. Enjoy And Share!

Baseball, Golf, Politics and Food. What more do you want? […]

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Back To School Time, Perils Of Running A Cat House, Top 3 Blizzard Flavors, Digital Watch Challenges & What Most Fans Will Never Understand About Professional Athletes. It Ain’t About ”The Game”…

As always, #3 might generate some debate and comments. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Best/Favorite Summer Camps You Went To As A Kid. Texas Tech Football Picked 9th By Athlon – Right Or Wrong? What’s Your Favorite Golf Major? That Plus Folks Great Comments And Questions. Great Show. Watch And Share!

It’s great live. It may even better on replay! Enjoy the show! […]

Golf USA Stacy NIx

Let’s Talk Putters! Our Visit With Stacy Nix From Lubbock’s Golf USA Gets Your Squared Away With The Flat-Stick! Just In Time To Improve Your Putting This Summer. Watch, Enjoy, Share With Your Buddy Who Can’t Putt And Kills You In Partnerships!

Stay for my final question. . . […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Strangest Place You’ve Met A Fellow Texas Tech Fan Or West Texan? PGA Vs LIVGolf. PGA Running Scared? Hyatt’s Son Has A New Job – Restaurant Industry Watch Out! Your Great Comments And Questions Featured As Well!

What exactly is the PGA really scared off right now from LIVGolf? […]