7/19/23 Question O’ The Day: Bandwagon Wednesday. What Are You On/Off This Week?

Brought to you in part by The Reserve, A Culinary Tavern in Lubbock. It’s really hot and they’ve got amazing cold cocktails waiting for you. 103rd and Quaker. Stop by and enjoy the evening this week.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Time to find out what you’re supporting this week. It’s Bandwagon Wednesday. Listener created on the old radio show, we continue it here in Raiderland each week!

So, sports or non-sports, what are you into this week and what can you not up with put? The good the bad and the get the heck out of here with that!

Gonna be a fun night in the Hubbaplex as the Air Raiders take the court in The Basketball Tournament at 8:30. For one million dollars, Winner Take All, you see a little hustle in these games. We’re on the TBT Bandwagon this week. If you’ve never seen a game, we think you’ll be on the Bandwagon as well.

Get your comments posted and we’ll see y’all tonight around 6:30ish on The Daily Broadcast. Should be lots of content generated between now and then.