9/15/23 Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week, Texas Tech Vs. Tarleton St. Score Predictions, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Lubbock Light Show, Taylor Swift, NASCAR And America!

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Happy Friday, y’all!

We made it. Not that it’s been a struggle this week. Actually this week has flown by pretty fast. We’ve got high school football tonight, your Featured Game is Ropes vs Hale Center (Eagle on Owl Violence) and then a full day of college football with the NFL to take us to Monday. Not bad. I love the rhythm of this time of year.

Let’s get it started for Friday.

Most Texan Thing

As most of you know, we love Texas and we really love West Texas. With that in mind, each Friday we asked you one very important question.

What’s The Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week?

I love seeing the responses. Being Texan and doing Texan things takes on many forms to many different folks. I really like seeing the answers from people who are living outside of Texas. I sometimes think they take on added responsibility to carry the load and represent those of us here in the Lone Star State. So get to it! Tell us in the comment section what you did this week that qualifies. Then invite your friends on Social Media to do the same thing.

Texas Tech vs. Tarleton State Score Predictions

With it being #TXHSFB Day around our house, no promise we will be on live with you later for the Daily Broadcast to take your predictions. Might happen around 5PM, then again it might not. It’s Homecoming Week for the Mighty Eagles so mayhem rules the day.

We’ll use this space for you to make your predictions in the comments. No legitimate lines on this game since it involves Texas Tech taking on an FCS team, where Tech is 26-1 all-time against that level of competition. If I were setting a line I’d be looking around 31.5 to 35.5, somewhere in that range.

Give us your score prediction and a few nuggets on how you think the game plays out and what you hope you see Saturday night from Tech. Hopefully the awesome Throwback Uniforms won’t be the highlight of the night. I’ll have my score prediction in a separate post for y’all, but for now, looking forward to what you’re thinking here on Friday. So go post in the comment section!

Raiderland Hot-Links

Not a ton today. Will try and do a huge Saturday morning stand-alone Hot-Links post for you. Still a pain to get these to load on our site right now. Hearing this is not a problem unique to us, so we got that going for us. Enjoy and give us some feedback on what you like and feel free to share some of your own links. You can always get us on Twitter @RyanHyattMedia

Go have a day!