Gun Barrel City Football Update With Coach Gordon Granger On Talk 1340 – A Huge Loss At Noodledome, A New Corporate Sponsor And The Challenge Of Taking On A Home School Team . . .

He’s a Texas High School Football legend. He’s Gun Barrel City Football Coach Gordon Granger and there’s only one place to hear him each week and that’s on Talk 1340 KKAM.

It was a rough road trip last week to Noodledome. Coach Granger recaps that, welcomes a new sponsor and talks about a “favor” to his Athletics Director in playing this week’s opponent.

Give it a listen and patronize all BGB sponsors if you can!

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  1. Does Gun Barrel City High School play 6-man football? Have they won a State Championship? Are they part of Madeck(?) ISD ?

    • No. Haven’t made the playoffs since 1958 when the peat-moss plant shut down. They should play six-man but GBC refuses to take charity. Never have and never will. They have always played at least a 2A or 3A schedule. Coach Granger wouldn’t have it any other way.

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