7/28/23 Question O’ The Day: Most Texan Thing You Did This Week, How Many Teams Will Be In The Big 12 By End Of Monday Night. . .

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Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s that time.

Every Friday we ask you the same question. It’s an important question.

What’s The Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week?

With Colorado coming back to the Big 12 this week, it could be the re-establishing of the original Republic of Texas borders to include the Rocky Mountain state. Ski Texas is Back!!!!!

Photo via: Red River Dreams & our friend Paul Smith who has amazing stuff!!!!

Maybe it’s getting ready for Texas High School Football. ( My son starts Monday morning bright and early and they even have a Midnight Madness practice this year when they put the pads on… very cool!) Maybe the most Texan thing you did hasn’t happened yet, so get out there, do something and then report back right here.

After that, we ask you to see into the future and tell us how many teams will be calling the Big 12 home by the end of Monday night? Will any more Pac 12 teams make the move? There’s a lot of wind in the wire that it might just happen. They know now that it’s over in the Pac 12 and the Big 12 is filling-up fast. Those who wait, may be on the outside looking in. So, who do you think makes the move this weekend or Monday? Or do they sit and wait like so many of those schools seem to be good at doing….

Go out and have a great Friday. Make sure you post your comments here and then share this column and our other content with your friends. Make it a point to grow Raiderland today! See you tonight on the Daily Broadcast if events warrant.