It’s Immoral For Colleges To Keep Testing Healthy Young People For No Reason! Texas Tech Must Lead The Way And Announce NO MORE TESTING Of Healthy Athletes . . . (And Other Students) Why And How Texas Tech Can Embrace Science And Data For America!

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It’s time.

The science and the data back it up.

It’s time for colleges to stop the testing of otherwise healthy folks for no reason. This goes for athletes, non-athletes and any other student. The Science and Data tell us they’re amongst the least likely to get sick from any variant of Covid-19. Always have been. Suddenly now though, it’s ok to say it out loud. I wonder why …

If America and the Biden Administration are really struggling getting testing kits to at-risk Americans, then the first step should be to take them away from the folks who don’t need them. College students and college athletes for sure, don’t need them.

Today, we’re calling on Texas Tech President Dr. Lawrence Schovanec and Texas Tech Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Kirby Hocutt to do the moral thing and announce that Texas Tech will NO LONGER test asymptomatic students and athletes.

How many Covid tests are being wasted at schools like Texas Tech all around the country? How many tests are being wasted on healthy 18-23 year olds in college sports, those who have very, very, very little risk? Why do they do it? They do it for PR. They do it because they think they should do it to make the media say, they’re doing the “right things”.

Well, they ‘re doing the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons, and each day science and data proves it.

Let’s go back to common sense and embrace the science and data that now tells us the latest variants of the Wuhan Flu are just that now. . . A flu. Let’s tell the folks who might have symptoms to stay home a few days. Let’s tell them to hydrate, get some vitamins in ya and get back to being healthy, cause you’re young and you’re hardly at risk.

Before anyone tries to say we must test these students and athletes from passing the ‘rona along, if you’ve not figured it out yet, using science and data, testing and even most inoculations seem to be doing nothing to mitigate those things. So… let’s do what’s smart.

Let’s get the test to the folks who need them. Let’s focus on the elderly, the folks with poor health and the folks who want to live life scared and need a test to somehow make them feel better about life.

What we don’t need, is to be wasting resources where they shouldn’t go just for the virtue signaling and Covid-Wokeness that so many colleges want to put out there. Texas Tech included at this point . . .

If The Biden Administration really can’t provide Americans who “need” a test for the flu; lets quit testing people who don’t need the test. Let’s do the right thing.

To do anything less is immoral.

Texas Tech uses the slogan, “From Here – It’s Possible”.

Let’s embrace that as Red Raiders and show America that from here, it is indeed possible to embrace science and data and do the right thing.