Marisnick-Lucroy Play Was Just Good Baseball, On Both Sides – Don’t Live Your Life In “Slo-Mo Replay” World, Man Who Elected Bill Clinton Dies, Your Comments & More. The Tuesday Broadcast From Raiderland.

We missed y’all over the Holiday and even Monday. Want to know why I wasn’t with y’all Monday on the evening Broadcast? Here’s a picture.

That’s right. Tater-Tots. You’re welcome.

So, today we’ve got more than a few things to get into. First off, the whole MLB “Play At the Plate Debate” from Sunday with the Astros/Angels. I am shocked it’s still going on. We explain why it’s a good play all the way around, why you should embrace it and why it illustrates how you should not live you life in “Slo-Mo Replay” Mode.

We also talk a lot about the death of Ross Perot, his impact on Texas high school extra-curricular activities and why I had to go to Study Hall in 1985.

Add in your comments and more and we’ve got a solid broadcast for a Tuesday.

Click the link below from our Twitter feed and as always: Enjoy. Comment. Share with your friends!

Don’t live your life in “Slo-Mo Replay” mode – #MLB, man who got Clinton elected dies, #TexasTech notes, your comments.— Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) July 9, 2019

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