Quick Thoughts On First College Football Playoff Poll – TCU/Big12 Can Have A Spot, But It’s All Or Nothing. Do You Want TCU To Win Out Or Not? What’s Best For Texas Tech? Big 12 Pride/$$$ Or…. WE CHOOSE OR!

Go Big 12?

With the first CFB Playoff Poll out tonight, we see a clear path for TCU and the Big 12 to have a rep this year. In short, if TCU wins out, they’ll be in. The SEC will sink a few teams one way or another. Big 10 Michigan and Ohio State play so someone has a loss. Pac12 is already behind TCU. Clemson has the easiest path to the playoff from the ACC. But there’s a spot for the Big 12 if TCU goes undefeated.


Texas Tech fans and others, how important is it that the Big 12 has a rep in the playoff?

Does it matter to you? If Texas Tech wins this weekend, the Big 12 is done.

So, are you one of the SEC-Type fans or a Texas Tech fan?

I think I know the answer.

Give up the money this year if you’re Texas Tech.

Beat TCU.

A TCU trip to Bountiful only hurts you in recruiting and perception in the metroplex if you’re Texas Tech. The money can be made up. The playoff will be expanded soon and it won’t matter. The money can quickly be made up if you’re worried about that.

It’s telling once again that the best of the Big 12 gets relegated to 7th in the poll. When the playoff expands, the biases and power-programs will have less power. They’ll still get in, but they’ll have to earn it after that. Just like in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The seed matters, but how you play as a seed matters more.

So, congrats to TCU. Great run. Here’s hoping Texas Tech derails it. And if the Red Raiders don’t, and someone else in the Big 12 does, that’s probably a good thing, no it IS a good thing for Texas Tech this year.