The Daily Broadcast: RockChalkBrawlHawks, Texas Tech Denied By NCAA On Etambwe Again, Loses At TCU, Your Questions-Comments. Lots Of Moving Parts Today!

The Daily Broadcast, brought to you by Lubbock’s 4OREGolf! Next on the tee box for corporate fun or a great place to watch Texas Tech play on TV!

Texas Tech MBB went to TCU and laid a second half egg. Are the Red Raiders “soft”?

Kansas and Kansas Stat went WWF at the end of their game at The Phog. Did the Big 12 and Bill Self get the right punishment doled out?

We tackle these issues and much more tonight. Enjoy it. Share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook and then hang out with us on radio tomorrow on our daily Raiderland show on Talk 1340 from 11 to noon. Get the app and listen anywhere!