The Daily Broadcast: Texas Tech Should Suspend Players Arrested For Street Racing… But Won’t. Why? The Gutless Response From Wells/Hocutt Explained. Your Great Comments & Questions Featured. Enjoy And Share.

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Today, we saw Texas Tech starting RB SaRodrick Thompson arrested. You can read the stories here in this Lubbock A-J Story.

For context read This story from and more.

It’s against the back-drop of the killing of a man in Lubbock this spring that we talk about Street Racing and Texas Tech’s seeming unwillingness to discipline Texas Tech athletes allegedly involved in the same crime.

So, watch the broadcast. Make your own judgements on our comments. Post your own thoughts here or on our Twitter feed and then please, share it with fellow Texas Tech friends. We think it’s vital Texas Tech fans, alums and donors get a full view of how Texas Tech Athletics handles things. You may agree or disagree, but you should at least know what’s going on.

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