The Daily Broadcast: Your Assignment For This Week, College Football In Jeopardy, Lubbock Coronavirus Updates Plus A Ton A Great Comments And Questions.

Another great day in West Texas and another great Daily Broadcast spent visiting with you fine folks! Today’s broadcast is brought to you in part by Kevin McAlpin Chiropractic. Find out why he’s been trusted for years to work with high level Texas Tech athletes. I’ve trusted my own son’s care to Kevin and hope you’ll give him a holler if you need him!

On the Wednesday Daily Broadcast we give y’all an assignment. Watch the show and we explain. If you want to support local business and you want to keep some of your favorite shows going these days, there is one simple thing you can do. . . It won’t take much time, but right now, time is what we all have. So, give it a watch for a bit and then you’ll understand. I hope you share our plan on Facebook and Twitter by the way. It will make a huge difference if you do.

After that it’s college football, Lubbock coronavirus updates and a ton of great comments and questions. Folks really brought it strong today! Thank you.

Now, go watch the show you Replay People! Enjoy. Comment. Share!