Why Do We Call It “Ryan Hyatt’s Raiderland”? Here Ya Go. . . How Texas Tech Folks Gave In To Low Expectations And “Beaten-Down-Dog” Mentality!

I am convinced; many Texas Tech fans, supporters, graduates, employees, administrators and appointed leaders have a lower self-esteem and awareness of how great Texas Tech University is – how great West Texas is – and what it can accomplish than most outsiders do.

I continually watch Texas Tech folks operate from a mind-set of scarcity and beaten-down dog syndrome year-in and year-out. Texas Tech folks get what they get because they manifest what they get.

There’s a reason I called our site and radio show “Ryan Hyatt’s Raiderland” a few years ago. It’s because I firmly believe many well-meaning, and well-intentioned Texas Tech folks are ceding each and every day what Texas Tech can accomplish because of their short-sighted, simplistic views.

The “Raiderland” they create is not the one I embrace or think can and should exist.

So, now you know why we call this site what we do. It’s not just a name. It’s a mindset.

Thanks for taking time each day to watch, listen and read what we do here, on our site at www.theraiderland.com and of course on radio each day from 11-1 on Talk 1340 KKAM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. If you’re with us, if you believe Texas Tech can do more… share what we do and help grow our Raiderand!

Oh, BTW, we buried the lede here.

In case you want to know, Raiderland would never endorse, accept or encourage hiring someone like Art Briles to lead “men” and coach football at Texas Tech. We just wanted to see how many folks would read to the end.

If you do think a person like Art Briles is worthy of being the head coach at Texas Tech, you’re not a part of our Raiderand, and we reject you.

Again, that’s why it’s Ryan Hyatt’s Raiderland.

I’ve got a feeling there’s more Red Raiders who agree with me than not. I suppose we’ll find out one way or the other.

Either way, I’ll be here each day, doing what I do – encouraging you all to not feel like you don’t matter just because you didn’t breeze out of a business deal here and there with millions of dollars.

Texas Tech was built by folks milking cows at the Dairy Barn trying to make it through the Depression and stay in school to grow a region and grown families. There’s more of you folks out there than there are millionaires with agendas.

Feel free to be just as bold as they are, to speak out as much as they do and to make your presence known just as much as they do. You’re Red Raiders too.

So, there ya go.

Friday night in West Texas. Waiting to see who is really in charge around these parts. See ya soon.



  1. 1. Could you bring in A little of East Texas with you? Say the area from the LA border to Big Sandy going east; to Mount Enterprise going south; and, to Jefferson going north.
    2. Sad. Had the same thought. Another missed opportunity.
    3. Nailed it!
    4. Completely Agree!
    5. Hear! Hear!

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