The Award Winning Daily Broadcast From Raiderland: Prediction Time. What’s Your Pick For Texas Tech’s Record This Year? Big Wins, Tough Losses, Whatcha Got? Hand Out Your Raiderland Helmet Stickers For This Week. Be Sure To Stick Around For The Lightning Strike Power Outage! Only In Raiderland!

Brought to you in part by LIfts West in Red River, New Mexico. Great time to escape to the mountains. Perfect time to hike and fish. Tell them Hyatt sent you!

We made our predictions, now it’s time to hear from Texas Tech fans. Add in some great Raiderland Helmet Stickers and it was a fun Monday night.

And then, the storm hit… did Hyatt get knocked off the air? Did lightning strike? Did he quit? Find out and and stay to the end! Enjoy the show and then be with Hyatt and Rob Breaux on radio Tuesday from 11-1 on Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. Get the apps so you can listen anywhere. Better yet, take control of your hometown and bring our show to your local station. Quit whining about Texas Tech not getting coverage. Make it happen.

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