5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From A Failing Media To What Should Always Be Crispy Plus A Lubbock Prediction & More!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Almost without exception, nearly every national radio newscast i hear these days would have gotten an “F” from my instructors at Texas Tech. From the poor writing to the editorializing plus a slanted delivery in tone and inflection . . . it’s amazing what “professional” broadcasters get away with today. I blame myself. As a member of the media for 30-years now I and my fellow media members have failed Americans by not holding our industry to a higher standard. I’m sorry.
  2. Prediction. Over the next full election cycle in Lubbock city council and mayoral races, there will not be a single contested race. Apathy runs rampant right now in Lubbock politics. Folks complain, folks call-in ( or text in these days ) to radio shows; but no one wants to step-up and get involved. It’s somewhere between a Student Council and small-town Lions Club right now in Lubbock when it comes to who takes leadership positions. The lesson? Don’t blame the folks who take time and get involved for their politics and decisions when no one else challenged them or made them define themselves in an election process. It’s not their fault they’re the only ones willing to do it. . .
  3. If loving crispy tacos is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I fear there’s an elitist movement in Texas to make me feel bad about loving crispy tacos over their soft corn or flour tortilla friends. While fine, the “soft” taco just doesn’t get it done for me. I want meat, lettuce, tomato, pico if possible and cheese. All the cheese. And I want it in a crispy shell that crunches and falls apart and makes a mess. I’m from West Texas. It’s what I do.
  4. I don’t know how it would have turned out, but I would have loved to have seen Bobby Layne as head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Actually, I know how it would have turned out, but it still would have been cool to watch.
  5. Made an executive decision a few days ago. Never gonna use a “self-checkout” lane again at the grocery store. When I look at the checkers and the “carry-out” kids, I figure it isn’t worth the savings of about, oh – zero time – for me to not go to the express lane and let a couple of folks do their jobs. Most of those jobs are entry level or in some cases pre-retirement level around towns like Lubbock. I’d rather go through that line and give those folks a chance to keep their job and either grow it into another job or to maintain a line of income at a time in their life that it obviously matters than try and save thirty seconds of time checking out. I’m not against “progress”, I just like having someone ask me if I need stamps or ice as I check out….



  1. 100% agreement on crispy taco stance. If you like cheese on crispy tacos you will love Taco Casa. I like your thinking on self checkouts also. Think I’m going to do the same.

  2. 5 More Things… if I may be so bold:

    1. There are gems to be found, at any antique store. Yeah, those places I so loathed, when I ws a child, because my mom would drag me into them, and spend an eternity… looking, browsing, and , once in a while… buying. I just didn’t get it, back then. Now, having passed the half-century mark of my life, I get it. Some things, simple as they may be… like, pewter plates that commemorate the American Revolution, from only 43 years ago, are just fun additions to your home. As an adult, I’ve yet to enter such a store, and not come across something that reminds me of a grandparent, or something I feel would compliment my home decor.

    2. There’s an emotional power, in rocking your first child, (or, grandchild, in my case,) to sleep. Never underestimate that power, and never take it for granted.

    3. Good music is harder to find, these days. It’s highly possible my parents thought the same, when I was a child. But, as a man who has spent decades, learning to appreciate almost every genre of music there is…I cannot bring myself to say, “Today’s music is just as good as the music of yesteryear.” (Perhaps that’s because I just never say “yesteryear.” Who knows?)

    4. If you come across a good western (TV show…Bonanza, The Rifleman,)on TV, stop the channel surfing, and watch it. There’s a life lesson to be learned, or re-learned.

    5. Give your dog the love and attention he or she deserves. They’ll reciprocate, often in ways you may not even recognize, at the time. Later in their lives… you’ll think back to those times, and figure it out.

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