5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Death By Meeting To Hamburger Wisdom, Top 3 Smells To Character & Adversity. It’s What We Know On A Sunday!

5 Things We Know On A Sunay

  1. If you get more than one e-mail, have to have more than one meeting and Heaven Forbid – an online meeting – about procedures and protocols during the week regarding “these challenging and uncertain times”; you probably need to find a new place to work.
  2. A hamburger without cheese on it is just a bad sandwich. A sandwich without cheese on it seems a waste of meat and time as well.
  3. Top 3 Smells: No. 3. Fajitas being brought to a table next you while you’re tying to decide what to order for supper. No. 2. Hot, fresh home-made bread. No. 1. The smell of an early evening rain on pine trees at an elevation of at least 8,750 feet in the mountains while walking down the street to Bull Of The Woods or Sundance Restaurant.
  4. Almost every person I hear wailing for more shutdowns of business, more crushing of the economy didn’t have any skin in the game in the first place. Many of them will soon learn they did, they just weren’t smart enough to understand it.
  5. Adversity doesn’t build character. Adversity reveals character. When adversity strikes, it’s too late to build character in order to overcome it. All you have to do is look around Lubbock, down to Austin and around the country to see fine examples of this truism.

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