5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Snoring Dogs To Russian Sanctions, Canadian Truckers Welcome Here, Plus How In The Heck Did These Place Not Make It In Lubbock… Your Comments Always Welcome!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Every husband needs at least one dog that snores loud enough to blame, and/or, cover-up his own snoring. I have such a fine animal… The other dogs do what they can, usually contributing somewhat unexplainable smells. I love my dogs!
  2. These last few weeks of February always tease me a bit. You’ll get some nice, warmish days while still knowing some bitter cold days still await. You’ve got college baseball back, and that warms your soul, you’re days away from March Madness. You can look at the grass and tell it wants to start greening up. All the while, you know we’re still a good, solid month away from real Spring in West Texas. I have to be careful not to wish away these days, excited for what’s coming up. Gotta make a mental note to enjoy this last bit of the shortest month. Thankfully, Mark Adams is helping make that happen this year.
  3. Top 3 Places I Can’t Believe Didn’t Make It In Lubbock: No. 1. Gardski’s Loft on Broadway. Seriously. How mismanaged or mis-owned did Gardski’s have to be to go out of business? Lubbock and Texas Tech loved you. We only wanted to be loved back. Daily Dollar Drink Specials. Did we ask too much? No. 2. Taco Cabana . You failed in a college town that likes Mexican food, chips and beer? You obviously didn’t want to be here. No.1. Grandy’s. It didn’t start in Lubbock, but the chain that began in the metroplex and is now down to under 30 locations should have had it’s last one in Lubbock. Chicken. Biscuits and honey. Gravy. It should have been a warning sign. If Grandy’s couldn’t make it in Lubbock, shut the whole corporation down!
  4. If you thought we were getting a lot of folks moving into to Texas from California, wait until you see the number on Canadians flooding into our State in the coming months. In 1-2 years most high schools will be able to field some great hockey and curling teams. Truckers welcome!
  5. If international sanctions work, if they stop bad actors from doing bad things on the world stage, then why haven’t we leveled massive sanctions against Russia, either unilaterally or via the United Nations? If they work, why wait until blood is shed in Ukraine? If they work, why wait until Russia has established an upper-hand in negotiations by taking land and re-establishing their sphere of influence in the region. If sanctions work, why haven’t they been implemented? It’s almost like someone wants Russia to invade Ukraine…