10/27/23: Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week, Raiderland Friday Hot-Links Featuring A San Antonio Twister, A Red Roster And Billy Dee Williams. Welcome To The Weekend!

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Happy Friday, y’all!

We made it! Hopefully every has had a great week up to this point. Plenty of time to finish up strong. We’ll have a live show for you at some point, even with Texas Tech having an Open Date this weekend. Still plenty to talk about. For now, let’s get going on our Friday agenda.

Most Texan Thing

Every Friday, you know what to do. Tell us about The Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week.

It could be something simple, it could entail a massive task. Just so long as it’s Texan in nature. If you haven’t done anything Texan, you’ve got time. Go do it and then report back!

Raiderland Hot-Links

Here we go!