10/5/23: Either/Or Thursday – Beat Texas & OU, Dog And Beds, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Josh Jung, Umbarger Skyline & Legendary Lubbock 80s Rockers The Nelsons. Bonus? Guess The Year On The Abner Euresti KCBD Footage!

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Happy Thursday, Y’all!

This week is flying by. We got some good rains in and now it’s time to dry out a little so the farmers can get back in the field and get this cotton crop home here in West Texas. Need to see these bad boys out in the field soon!

Either/Or Thursday

Each Thursday we give y’all some tough choices to make. Sometimes it’s sports, sometimes it’s not. Either way, you gotta choose one or the other. Not as easy as it looks. We’ve got two good ones for you to sound off on today, so get after it in the comment section.

First question is an awful thing to ponder, but we’ll make you ponder it.

If you were forced to root for Either Texas, OR Oklahoma this weekend; who do you root for and why? Also, if you had to sit smack-dab in the middle of one of their fan sections; which one are you sitting in and why? Good luck and don’t get anything on ya!

In case you’re wondering, I have Zero Lone Star Pride when it comes to this match-up. . .

For our second question this week we enter the realm of dogs.

We’re down to just two dogs now around our place from a record high of five at one time. It’s kinda quiet with just two dogs. Just kidding! They create enough mayhem for six or seven normal dogs. Here’s the question today.

Where do your dogs sleep? Either outside; OR inside. If they sleep inside, do they ever make it on to your bed?

It doesn’t matter how big a dog is when it comes to wanting to get on a bed by the way. In fact, the bigger the dog, the more they think they need to be right next to their person. So, tell us about your dogs!

Raiderland Hot-Links

We figure if it interest us, it’ll do the same for you. Be sure and pass along cool stuff you find during the day in the comment section!

We close it out today with a great look back via KTTZ on legendary Lubbock 80s band, The Nelsons. From MTV to Farm Aid, they were the rocking little band that could and did from Lubbock. Bonus points here: Guess the year on Abner Euresti and the KCBD news segment! Enjoy!