5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday: If You Don’t Know Texas History – You Don’t Know American History… John Wayne’s “The Alamo” Is A Crap Movie…A Certain Lubbock Tex-Mex Place Is Overrated And If Your Dog Bites 25 Folks-Your Dog Doesn’t Suck… You Suck As A Dog Owner…

Presented by the Shropshire Agency in Lubbock. Independent. Like all great West Texans! 5 Things We Know On A Sunday Hyatt

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Worst Road In America, Dogs Care/Cats Don’t, Top Random Early MTV Bands All-Time, The Toughest Month In West Texas Plus Real And True Dashboard Confessions

A little late but we hope worth the wait! Add your comments and share! […]

Question O' The Day

10/5/23: Either/Or Thursday – Beat Texas & OU, Dog And Beds, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Josh Jung, Umbarger Skyline & Legendary Lubbock 80s Rockers The Nelsons. Bonus? Guess The Year On The Abner Euresti KCBD Footage!

This one goes to the dogs, but we redeem ourselves with awesome Lubbock rock history at the end! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast (Video): Texas Tech Baseball Vs GCU, Tech MBB Gets MWC Rookie Of The Year Williams In Transfer, Other Animals Deserve “Bark In The Park Nights, Destination Restaurants. Enjoy And Share. A Quick Visit.

It’s feral cat night here at the ballpark! […]