The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast (Now In Color!): Big 12 Expansion, Pac 12 Teams Looking Like High School Girls Waiting On Prom Invites… Harder To Give Up For A Full Year? Mexican Food Or BBQ? All That And Much More. Great Audience Participation Tonight! Enjoy And Share!

Brought to you by Golf USA in Lubbock, Texas! 67th and Indiana. It’s where you go if you love golf and want your game to get better.

Fun show tonight and hope y’all enjoy the replay. No shame in not being there live. We can only go once a night and we’ve found 6:30ish is best time for most folks. The great thing about the replay is you can skip boring parts if you want to. (There are no boring parts.)

So, give it a watch and hit us on Twitter if you’ve got comments and thoughts. Then, get ready for radio Friday from 11-1 on Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. If you don’t have the show where you call home, get the apps for our stations and listen that way. After that, demand a local station carry our show. They’ll make money and you can advertise on it and make money for your company.

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