11/29/23: Bandwagon Wednesday- CFB Playoff Edition, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Texas Tech Hoops, HBD To Iconic Rock Album & A West Texas Sunset

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Happy Wednesday!

The week or so between Thanksgiving and the start of December needs a name.

It just kinda sits there, not really November and not yet December. I feel like we all moved on from November after last Thursday. Trying to get full-on Christmas mode, but here we sit with another 48-hours or so in NoCember. If y’all come up with something, let me know. We’ll make millions on re-done calendars.

Bandwagon Wednesday

What are you On/Off this week?

What are you supporting and what are you in no way having anything to do with under any circumstances (pumpkin spice)?

I’m fully ON the no SEC teams in the playoff Bandwagon if Alabama beats UGA. Bama lucked out last week at Auburn. Texas beat them. If UGA can’t win, they shouldn’t get in and for sure Alabama shouldn’t be in. I mean we all know the Big 12 is a superior league to win, right? Plus we just want to see the entire southeaster section of America go up in flames Sunday.

I’m fully OFF the KC Chiefs are struggling this year Bandwagon. They’ve set such a high bar lately that folks forget winning in the NFL is hard. KC is the best team in the AFC. I think Patrick Mahomes may be bored. He should record a Christmas album like the Kelce Brothers did.

It doesn’t get much better than that folks!

Raiderland Hot-Links

If it’s interesting, we’ll try and post it here. Join the fun. Add your own links to the comments below. See ya on the Daily Broadcast tonight at 6:30 on X, Facebook Live, YouTube Live.

And ya, we still miss Charlie Robison….