2/7/24: Overrated, Underrated, Rated Right Wednesday, Texas Tech Short-Handed In Waco Loss, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Dueling West Texas Sunrises, OU Salutes Toby Keith, Amazing Super Bowl Trivia & Tom Snyder Learns You Don’t Mess With Waylon Jennings

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Happy Wednesday, y’all

Tough night on the road for both the Texas Tech MBB and Lady Raiders. Morgantown and WVU got to the women and a short-handed men’s team could withstand the Bears in the second half down in Waco.

It happens.

Without an inside presence with the illness to Washington, Texas Tech could only scheme and out-shoot Baylor for a period of time. Basically the first half, minus the last two minutes. After that, talent and reality took hold. Now on a 3-game Big 12 losing streak, Tech gets 3 of the next four games at home. That will help. Getting healthy will help more. Right now the Red Raiders are the sickest gazelle at the watering hole and the Big 12 lions are chasing it down. . . That will change. We’ll discuss that and more tonight on the Daily Broadcast right around 6:30 LIVE on Twitter, Facebook Live and our YouTube Channel. See ya then.

Overrated, Underrated, Rated Right Wednesday

We give you a few things to chew on and you tell us if there are rated right, overrated or underrated. Here’s your list this weekend.

  1. Super Bowl Parties
  2. Andy Reid
  3. Toby Keith

Alright, get to rating, post in the comments and as always you can add topics for us to rate tonight during the Daily Broadcast.

Raiderland Hot-Links

We find stuff we think y’all will like and we post it here. If you see something cool during the day, pass it along for your Raiderland friends to enjoy.

Don’t Mess With Waylon