2/6/24: Tuesday’s Best, Best I Ever Ate, Super Bowl, Texas Tech Hoops, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Mahomes Takes Over Las Vegas, Roger Staubach, Phyllis George, Verne Lundquist And Gary P. Nunn

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Happy Tuesday Y’all

We’ve got Tuesday night Texas Tech MBB, so life is good. They’re down at the new arena in Waco taking on the now always-pesky Bears. I hate pesky bears. Texas Tech had lost 7 of 10 to Baylor before sweeping them last year. I like the new trend better. Will Joe T. show up tonight? Can Pop hit some 3’s? Can Tech outscore Baylor in the paint? Answer those questions for me and I’ll tell you who wins this game.

Tuesday’s Best

We give you the topic, you give us the answers. Today, give us your Two Best/Favorite Super Bowls in your life. And we thank you Brett Favre. . .

Best Thing I Ever Ate

We’re always talking food in Raiderland. On Tuesday we make it official, with a Hat-Tip to the Food Network Channels show of the same name! This week, let’s talk Super Bowl Parties and Super Snacks and Appetizers.

What are your favorite things to either make for a Super Bowl or that you hope to see when you get there? What are your go-to creations when asked to bring something. Looking forward to your answers today on this one. Give us some new ideas!

Raiderland Hot-Links

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