5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Tater Tots, Sean Connery, Covid ”Vaccine” = “Sex Panther” Cologne & How Some Lubbock Politicians Engaged In The Ultimate Act Of Political Arrogance Towards West Texas Families… Enjoy, Comment, Share With Your Friends!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Whenever anyone else in my family drives my truck, I know I’m not gonna be able to get the seat and mirrors exactly back the way there were. There’s a familiarity you get with your truck. You sit a certain way, get used to the view of the world through your windows and mirrors. Heck, even the angle of the steering wheel in relationship to the dashboard matters. Then… someone else drives your truck and you’ve got to reinvent the (steering) wheel. Takes days to get everything right. It’d be a smart truck builder who puts every setting on a number scale, just like getting a hair-cut. I want the seat at a 6.5, mirrors on a 3.5 and 7.5, steering wheel on a 5.7 and then the rear-view mirror at a 6.25. This shouldn’t be hard to create. Heck, my truck talks to me all the time when the gas is low, the tire pressure is off and my seatbelt isn’t secure. How about doing something that matters? Get my cockpit right!
  2. I’d have great respect for any place that puts tater tots out in front of french fries. Tots come standard. If you want fries, gotta ask. The tot is just a much more versatile player. Not sure how fries generated so much menu space over the years. The Tot PR machine must have been weak back in the day. No more. Make Tater Tots Great Again! If you have a choice between fries and tots and you don’t take tots, you’re not living your best life.
  3. Top 3 Sean Connery Movies. No. 3. ”A Bridge Too Far” Better than ”Patton” as much as it pains me to say. Great movie and Connery is a focal point, but not only star. No. 2. “The Hunt For Red October” Ya, the accent is off, but who cares. Ramius gets it done. No. 1. Impossible to choose, but we have to, so we go with “Goldfinger”. If there is no ”Goldfinger”, there’s no Bond. James Bond. Shaken not stirred. It set the standard and created the Connery that audiences wanted to see. For the most part after that, even in the 60s, Connery would play Connery much like John Wayne played ”Wayne” as the years went by. So, whatcha got?
  4. It would seem the current Covid ”vaccines” and boosters, are about as effective and useful as ”Sex Panther” cologne from Odion. 60% of the time, it works every time. It’s illegal in nine countries, and it’s made with bits of real panthers, so you know it’s good. Perhaps President Biden would have been better off with Brian Fantana as his doctor. …
  5. The Lubbock County Commissioners just voted themselves a pay-raise, in the midst of a recession, horrible economic outlooks for local farmers and ag-producers as well as growing concerns about the economic future of Lubbock, West Texas and America. County Judge Curtis Parish lead the way with his bow-tie, bringing along commissioners Jason Corley and Gilbert Flores. Commissioners Terrence Kovar and Chad Seay voted against the pay-raise. No shock Parish and Flores voted the way they did, both liberals when it comes to other folks money. For Corley, a sad departure from who he told voters he was a few years back. Guess things change… Is there anything more arrogant and reeking of political hubris than voting yourself a raise during this time? Pay the folks making less than 40 K a year, take care of the lowest on the pay-scale, but to include yourself, no matter how small the percentage, is a slap in the face to everyone in Lubbock County. Of course when most of the media never holds folks accountable once they get in office around these parts, not shocking to see. Watch your wallet Lubbock. The local-yokels come for your money first. …



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