The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast(In Color Where Available): Pac 12 Will Tear Itself Apart This Week – Their Local Media Will Lead The Way! Big 12 Can Be Choosy, No Need To Expand. Biggest What If For Your Favorite Teams? Enjoy, Comment, Share!

Brought to you in part by The Reserver, A Culinary Tavern, the latest awesome restaurant in Lubbock. 104th and Quaker, check it out and make sure you try their brunch on Saturday and Sundays!

We had a lot going on Monday night. So much, we had to split it into two broadcasts. So give them both a watch and then share on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to tune in Tuesday from 11-1 on radio no Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. Want the show where you live? Want more Texas Tech coverage where you live? Let us know. We deliver! Meantime, get the apps for our stations and listen anywhere! Click the links below and off you go to Raiderland!

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