5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Blue Pens To Roger Staubach, Hamburger Must-Haves To 1990s Country Music And Lubbock’s “Cones Of Progress”. Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Blue pens write better. Everyone knows this.
  2. If you live in Texas and your children don’t know about Roger Staubach, you’re not doing it right. Take a little time these next two weeks before the Super Bowl and make sure they understand who he is and why they should have a poster or photo of him in their room to look at before they fall asleep at night.
  3. Top 3 Things A Hamburger Must Have: No.3. Pickles. Gotta have pickles. Lots. Can’t have too many. If they cheat you on pickles, they’ll cheat you on anything else. No. 2. Cheese. Any and all cheeses. American, Cheddar, Swiss, melted…doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t call it a cheese burger anymore. Just a Hamburger and it’s understood cheese will be involved. The other folks should be forced to order a Hamburger without Greatness. No.1. Tomatoes. You weren’t expecting that, were ya? But it’s true. A tomato or two makes all the difference. They need to be big and robust, juicy and getting all their tomato greatness on the bun and everything. Trust us, the tomato is the key-link to all burger greatness. ( Unless it’s grilled onions….. )
  4. Not sure who is more underrated from the 1990s Country Music scene… Mark Chesnutt or Pam Tillis. Both had great songs, well-crafted and big hits, but both seem forgotten today. Chesnutt’s “I Just Wanted You To Know” is an all-time great song.His version of “I’ll Think Of Something” stays with you… Tillis” “Maybe It Was Memphis” was on of the best early 90s songs that actually was well crafted and well sung. Oh well, there’s a lot of folks from 1990-97 in country music that have been lost in shuffle. It was a great time for COUNTRY music. . .
  5. If you judge progress and happiness by the number of traffic cones in a city… Lubbock, Texas is the happiest, most progressive city in Texas! While I love being happy and progressing, it’d be nice if they could at least set up the Cones of Progress in straight lines so my truck has a fighting chance to get down the streets now know as chutes of danger… Oh well. Progress. Here’s to it and who ever is profiting off the cone business.



  1. 6. When complaining about officiating, it’s not always about what is called against you so much as what is not being called against them.

    Exhibit A: the current NFC title game

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