Raiderland Rewind Texas Tech Football

Raiderland Rewind – Presented By Thacker Jewelry: WVU Stymies Texas Tech 20-13. Tech Offense Total No-Show In Morgantown. Our Recap, Viewer Comments/Questions. And Are Lots Of Questions Right Now. And John Denver Cried. . .

Lots and lots of frustration for Red Raider fans right now…and rightfully so. […]

Culture/WEST TEXAS/America

9/22/23: Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week, Texas Tech At WVU Score Predictions, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring A Red Raider Walk-Off In Austin, Don Meredith, Texas High School Football & West Texas Lightning. Enjoy & Share!

How Texan Were Ya?? […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(Free Hashbrowns): 1 Big Thing You Want To See Texas Tech Do At WVU. Tech Coaches Who Disappointed. Thank You Dave Portnoy For Scorching The WaPo-Need More Of That. Decent Viewer Comments/Questions.

It’s pretty much the show your mother warned you about […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(Ask About Our Lunch Specials): Texas Tech Football, #AskCoachHyatt, Bandwagon Wednesday, Congress+NCAA+NIL= Stupidity In Action. Great Comments & Questions From Awesome Viewers!

Congress and the NCAA should be a weekly reality show! […]

Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast(Now With Jalapeños): Are Texas Tech Fans Afraid To Be Favored At WVU? Who Are The Most Annoying Fan-Bases? You’re Really Gonna Eat That?? Fair Food Time! Better Than Normal Comments Tonight, Good Job!

Tech fans really don’t like_______ […]