9/26/23: Tuesday’s Best – It’s Ladies Night! Any Great Buffets Left? Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring “The” Houston Game, Aberg Ryder Cup Mania And A Lubbock Golf Course Coming To Life.

Brought to you in part today by Abuelo’s! It’s Taco Tuesday, but on a whole ‘nother level. Drop by 82nd and Quaker and treat yourself today to a West Texas Legend.

Happy Tuesday y’all.

We rested the voice last night so we’re gonna be full of you-know-what come tonight on the Daily Broadcast. We’ll have a lot to get to from Texas Tech Football to Food and of course What’s Underrated On A Tuesday.

This morning we want y’all to get the discussion going by sounding off on a few topics.

Tuesday’s Best

Each Tuesday we give you a topic and you give us two great examples of said topic. Not hard. At least it’s not hard until you have to boil something down to just two great things. That’s what makes it fun of course. Here we go.

Give us your 2 Favorite Female Singers All-Time. In honor of the Taylor Swift Takeover Of The NFL, who ware your Top Two female singers, any style of music.

Best Thing I Ever Ate

We love food in Raiderland. We love the Food Network show “Best Thing I Ever Ate”. Always gives us good ideas and things to try. Each Tuesday, we make our love of food official and ask you to give us your favorite things.

This week we’re thinking about buffets. Do they still even have them anymore? Did the ‘rona get them all? If you know of a great buffet somewhere, tell us where and what makes it great. Heck, we’d settle for All-You-Can-Eat specials at this point. So let’s celebrate the carving station today. What y’all got?

Raiderland Hot-Links

We cook ’em up and serve ’em hot each morning. Sink your teeth into some Hot-Links today. You’re welcome for the time-wasters at work. No extra charge.

Yes. This is THE Houston game where Texas Tech changed from red jerseys in pre-game warm-ups to the one-and-done black tops with white shoulder panels. We will tell the story about the man who donated the uniforms and his background with Texas Tech tonight on the Daily Broadcast. Thanks, Mike for the great videos you saved!

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