5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Brittney Griner Now Has To “Earn” Her Freedom, We Give You A Great Christmas Song You’ve Never Heard Of Plus Top 3 “Voices” Of Christmas As Well As The One Thing We Know That’s Too Scandalous To Put In The Headline! Enjoy, Comment, Share With Your Friends!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. An American came home from a Russian prison this week. Was the exchange worth it? Nope. It never is for the most part when you look at who the United States of America has to give up to rouge states in order to get American hostages released. With that said, it’s now up to Brittney Griner to Earn the price that was paid for her Freedom by the citizens of the United States of America. Make no mistake. People, innocent people, will die because of the man the United States released from prison to get Griner back. She better make it worth it. That’s up to her. She’s got a long and wonderful life ahead of her I hope. We’ll see if it was worth it years from now. . .
  2. “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses is on of the greatest Christmas songs from the 80s you’ve never heard. Trust me. Find it on YouTube and give it a listen. I could link to it, but I want you to work for it. You’ll thank me later when the hook gets stuck in your head during the holidays!
  3. Top 3 Christmas Song Singers: No.3. Dean Martin. No. 2. Mel Torme. No. 1. Gene Autry. (No need for anyone to add to this list or comment on #3 this week! )
  4. Ain’t nothing better than having a son big enough and strong enough to man-handle a large ladder and get up on a pitched metal roof and hang Christmas Lights. He’s becoming more and more handy as the days go by. If only he could master the dishwasher . . .
  5. Die Hard is not a Christmas Movie.



  1. Andy Williams and Elvis would be in my Top 3 with Dino.

    Christmas secret treasures?
    Try: Greg Lake “I Believe in Father Christmas” .. Chris Rea “Driving Home for Christmas” and Mud “Lonely this Christmas”

    There are Christmas movies and there are seasonal mood movies. Let’s just say “Die Hard” doesn’t hurt nor hinder my mood but rather slightly nudges it after Thanksgiving in the lull.

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