5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Great Green Sauce To What We Tolerate In Our Lives, Music You Loved Then And Now And What I Will And Won’t Do In The Rain!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I now know how to make a nearly perfect duplication of the green sauce at Casa Ole’. For you Lubbock folks, ask nicely and I’ll let you know how to make your summer perfect with this little secret food hack.
  2. Everyone thinks that the music was better when they were growing-up, young adults or otherwise in “their prime”. For the most part, everyone is right. . .
  3. Experts predict all sorts of things. Wise folks look back on what the experts got wrong and learn from it. I’d rather be a Wise Guy than an Expert.
  4. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of things I think hurt my family, my friends and our country. When I hear folks talking about tolerance being a great virtue, it’s almost always from the stand-point of those people wanting folks to tolerate their ways and not the other way around. I prefer the word “discrimination”. We need more of that. We need to discriminate against the stupid and embrace the smart. In the mean-time we can tolerate those folks who don’t know the difference I suppose.
  5. I’ll fish for trout in a light rain. Maybe even moderate rain if they’re biting. I’ll go back to the truck and drink beer if it’s raining when it comes to any other fishing.



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