5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Hotel Eggs To Remote Controls, Runzas To Toll Roads & More . . .

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. There’s bad food choices, and then there’s bad food choices while traveling. I made a lot of bad food choices on the road the last 10 days at the College World Series. Number one? Hotel “complimentary breakfast” eggs. I did it twice while I was there. Proof that if you’re on the road long enough, drained of enough sleep and hungry. . . a man will eat anything. I paid dearly each time.
  2. I don’t care how nice a hotel is, the TV remote will always be crappy and the refrigerator will never be large enough to hold a decent size box of left-over pizza.
  3. I’ve spent the equivalent of a month of my life in Omaha over the last few years and I’ve yet to have a Runza sandwich. I do not feel bad about this. At all.
  4. Toll Roads should be outlawed. The man who runs for President or Governor with this platform and perhaps this platform alone would win going away.
  5. The best part about going on the road? Coming home to my front porch and family. Like Robert Earl Keen said, “This old porch is just a long time waiting and forgetting
    And remembering the coming back, not crying ’bout the leaving”


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  1. Senor Hyatt, 1. Marriott eggs are generally pretty good. Hampton Eggs are some amalgamation of an omlett. If you’re in a decent enough hotel that has actual hot sauce, and not packets (or in Denver where they do their own thing with salsa – that is terrible), one can make almost any egg dish, edible.
    2. For the most part, hotel tv’s are decent sized now, and they’re all LED/LCD, so that’s good. I wipe all remotes off with a wet wipe. I do not trust they are clean!
    3. No clue.
    4. That was an issue I had with Gov. Perry. He was very bid on toll roads, and now they’re all over DFW, Houston and a few other places. The only toll road that has ever been paid off is I30 (that I know of) between Dallas and Ft. Worth. I think we need to know when the toll roads are paid off and then remove the damn toll booths (or tag readers these days). Also, ALL of the toll roads in Texas need to be linked. I can’t have 7 different (or however many) stickers on my windshield for tolls!!!
    5. Most definitely! I do enjoy drinking beer on your front porch! [too easy! :p ]

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