5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Houston Oilers Fans Rooting For The Titans To Wimpy Trash Bags & 3 Places Long-Gone In Lubbock To What We Wish We Didn’t Learn The Last Two Years, But Are Better For It! That And What’s Better Cold! Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. It intrigues me that fans of the Houston Oilers, at least some of them, follow and root for the Tennessee Titans. Why? It’s not an earth-shattering topic, but at the same time, why would anyone root for a business that left you and decided they wanted to be somewhere else? If they went by the Oilers and maybe wore the awesome uniforms from the days of old, maybe I could see the attachment. Otherwise, it’s like hoping the girl who dumped you wins the lottery and marries a movie star. . . Go Texans.
  2. There is no reason in the year 2022 for trash bags to rip. None. That we can’t seem to get that right is a failing of Democracy, Freedom and all things good. I should be able to put an open pocket-knife into a plastic trash bag and it shouldn’t rip. These are the same people who won’t let us put forks in the microwave or create a sensible and safe way to wash a cat in a dishwasher. We need to aim higher, America!
  3. Top 3 Places In Lubbock That Are Gone From Different Stages In Life: No. 3. Kiddie City. No. 2. The Skate Machine. No. 1. Midnight Rodeo.
  4. There’s no doubt, no doubt at all that over the past two years most if not all of us have learned things about our family and friends that we wish we didn’t know. From politics to how to live life, risk-tolerance, the disdain many seem to have for those who have a different point-of-view on social aspects of life . . . All of those things have been on stark display the last two years. Are we better for it as a society or now worse off knowing exactly what our friends and family think of our views and decisions on how to live life? My guess? We’re exactly where we were two years ago, just with more clarity on who each of us are and what we value and why. So. . . I think we’re actually better off than we were in late January 2020. Now we all know where we stand. Now we’ve had to define our values and what we hold true. And that, is always a good thing.
  5. Crazy opinion? Cold fried chicken is better that hot fried chicken. Cold fried chicken may in fact be the way God intended us to enjoy chicken. That and pork and beans right out of the can and you’ve got yourself a fine meal. Might also want to add in a refreshing can of Shasta Cola just to wash all that goodness down. If you’ve ever had the meal I just described, you just might have grown up in West Texas. Don’t cheat yourself. Get some cold fried chicken this week and live it up! Perfect for Valentine’s Date Night too!



  1. 1.) That’s peak Houston fan behavior.
    2.) Trash bags ripping is a sign of decline in the West.
    3.) Discovery Zone, Conference Cafe, Choochai Today on 34th
    4.) Agreed and Amen.
    5.) This is a *cold* take.

  2. 1- No dog in that fight. Grew up in the Carolina’s so I didn’t have a team until 95.
    2- Agreed. Another thing on the “don’t buy cheap” list. I always get the Glad ones.
    3- Never been to Lubbock. Next time we visiting the fam in Abilene, TX, I’ll take a trip out there!
    4- Agreed!!
    5- Still prefer hot chicken, but I do miss Beenie Weenies out the can w/ a cold Shasta while fishing at Lake Hartwell in SC with my Papaw. Those were the days!

    Good stuff as always and take care! Go Gators!

  3. 3 places I miss from my college days: Main Street Saloon, the White Pig, and the Brittany !

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