5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Kitchen Frustrations To Grocery Store Convos, Great Fall Foods To Football And Christmas! Enjoy And Share And Add Your Own Thoughts This Week!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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  1. At a certain age, not sure when, you have a great amount of frustration when you go to unload the dishwasher; only to find that the dishes have not been cleaned by said dishwasher… My grandparents would read that last sentence and want to whip me with a switch… Still… Meanwhile, I’ll gripe about the TV remote control batteries getting low causing me to have to point the remote towards the exact location on the receiver in order to change the one of 800 channels I have where somehow, nothing is worth watching at that moment. . .
  2. If I need stamps and/or ice, I promise… I’ll let you know. It’s not something that just jumps up on me while I’m standing in line waiting to pay for my groceries. As a side-note, I’m for sure at the age where I have no intentions of telling anyone 18 or under exactly what plans I may or may not have for the day.
  3. Top 3 Foods You Wait To Eat Until Fall: No. 3. Soup. I can do soup after the temps get to the 50s or so. My Mother-In-Law makes amazing tomato soup. In a few weeks I will be ready to enjoy it. No. 2. Chili. Same with soup. I know folks love it all year ‘round. For me though, it needs to be cold weather before I engage in chili. No.1 Frito Pie. I know it’s an off-shoot of chili, but it’s a fall/winter football concession stand thing for me. Doesn’t seem right in the summer. So… what are your Fall Dishes?
  4. As you watch NFL games today, and this applies to college football as well, take note of how many coaches screw-up clock management. Every team should have a coach whose only job is to tell the head coach situational decisions regarding clock. This coach should not be responsible for calling plays, only the impact of the plays on the clock at the end of the half and the game. Coaches in the moment have too much on their minds to properly account for this aspect of the game and it is proven week after week. For the record, Texas Tech had exceptional clock management Saturday at West Virginia even kicking a field goal at the end of the half with under twenty seconds to get the unit on the field with no timeout.
  5. I’m going to start decorating the house for Christmas this weekend… I’ll let you know if anyone notices or complains…



  1. 1. First world problems are real. I will never disparage others who have the same struggles. Their struggles are real, just like mine.

    2. “Small talk” is a lost art. My grandfather was a master of small talk. Millennials only know how to ask one question, “Y’all have any plans for this evening?” For whatever reason, they don’t even think of “Hot enough for ya?”

    3. We’re unified in our fall menu. Chili is my #1 favorite cold weather food. I can’t even give it consideration during the summer months.

    4. Apparently, there is a plethora of such coaches, who sit on the couch and watch their favorite team, only to scream at the coaches of their favorite team, that they don’t know how to coach. Coincidentally, they’re the same people who refer to said favorite team as “we.” “We should have won this game.” “We fought hard, but we have to learn to play all four quarters.” Weird.

    5. I fully support your Christmas decorating endeavors. Enjoy it. That’s what decor is for.

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