5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From The Funniest Guy You’ve Never Heard Of To ZZ Top; What Lubbock Needs To Annoying Fight Songs…Here’s What We Know Today.

Brought to you in part today by the great folks at Premier Sportsplex. The Game is on!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Baxter Black is the funniest guy most of y’all have never heard of.
  2. Most annoying Fight Song? Boomer Sooner or Rocky Top? Discuss. At least Rocky Top has lyrics. Still, it’s a highly competitive battle here.
  3. Top 3 ZZ Top Songs: #3 I Heard It On The X. #2 Mexican Blackbird #1 I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide.
  4. Lubbock needs a great, signature steakhouse. There. I said it.
  5. The next time you think your house is really clean, go look at the inside of your microwave….



  1. 1. Grady Nutt is another, that many have never heard of.

    2. I go with both, giving an edge to Boomer Sooner, and adding in that little UT annoying sound.

    3. My top 3 ZZ Top songs… Heard It On the X, Blue Jean Blues, Just Got Paid.

    4. I’ve never eaten there, but, Double Nickel could be that steak house you’re looking for?

    5. The next time I clean my house, all I have to do is vacuum, again. I have shaggy dogs. My house is never as clean as I think it is.

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