5 Things We Know On A Sunday: Israel, Ronald Reagan, Cholula, Small Town Marketing Screw-Ups And Water Towers.

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I know who is on the side of Israel, and I’m pretty sure I always want to be on His side.
  2. Each day, I’m reminded of the old Ronald Reagan quote where he intoned that his friends on the Democrat side of the aisle were not ignorant, they just knew so many things that weren’t so. Today, it’s even worse. We have at our finger-tips more information than any human beings have ever been able to access at any time in the history of the world. At the same time, our populace is less and less equipped to be able to bring any context and meaning to that information thanks to decades of declining education standards. In short, we Know more and Understand less than any generation in history. But at least Taylor Swift will be at the Chiefs game this week!
  3. We didn’t realize we needed to make this statement, but apparently folks outside of West Texas don’t seem to know this… Cholula is the best hot sauce out there. That’s hot sauce. Not… salsa. There’s a difference. But, we’re glad to help out with the Cholula deal. Get some. If you’re using Tabasco… stop now!
  4. I’m amused when I hear small towns market themselves trying to attract new residents from bigger communities. Their sales pitch might as well be, “Come out to our great town and ruin it by making it exactly like the place you’re leaving!”. Pro-Tip. If you live in a great small town, try and keep it that way. Tell everyone you know it’s a great town, but the water is bad and you’re hearing reports of two-headed babies being born. Trust me. It’s better than an Economic Development Board made up of well-meaning folks who didn’t get enough adrenaline rush on the local PTA board. . .
  5. If I were Governor of the Great State of Texas, I’d mandate it that all towns have to have at least one water tower painted up with “Home Of ____”. Every town has someone Water Tower Worthy. If you were in charge of your town, who would you put on your water tower?

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  1. Good stuff Hyatt!

    Awesome sports weekend (so far)…

    Red Raiders and Rangers win Saturday while the hype machine rolled both the Horns and Ags. Funny how the Ags former QB Haynes King also beat the Canes last night (something the Ags couldn’t do).

    Love how the Red Raiders identity has finally centered on their NFL RB Brooks.


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