5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Lubbock Voters Repudiate City Council Members And Their Arrogance, Enact Pro-Life Ordinance Over Their “No Vote”! Now It’s Time To Hold Those On The Council Accountable For Their Hubris!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I couldn’t be more proud of my hometown of Lubbock for voting 62.5% in favor of a Pro-Life Ordinance. I thought it might be more, but that’s an overwhelming statement for Life!
  2. The repudiation of the Lubbock Student … err… I mean City Council; each and every one who denied the ability of Lubbock citizens to vote on this issue was a wonderful thing to see. The Council, each and everyone, sided with death and not life and tired to keep Lubbock folks from having a voice. The people of Lubbock crushed the Council with their petition drive and then the vote itself for life.
  3. Each Lubbock City Council Member is complicit with death and should resign or be voted out. That’s right. They had a chance to at the very least let their constituents vote their hearts, and they as a council denied that, forcing Lubbock citizens to utilize a petition process; one the council members are at this very moment working to make harder and more difficult to do. But, Lubbock citizens prevailed.
  4. After getting it to the ballot, not a single Lubbock Council Member spoke out in favor of the initiative. In fact, even some churches, potentially bought off or more concerned with being popular with the “right” folks in town held their tongues. Hello, Monterey Church Of Christ… We’ll Remember Your Silence…
    So, here are the people in Lubbock who tried to keep a vote from happening to save the unborn. They live with you and your fellow citizens and try and make money off you through their businesses; and you need to hold them accountable going forward. They are unworthy of office.
    Juan Chaidis.
    Sheila Patterson Harris
    Jeff Griffith
    Steve Massengale
    Randy Christian
    Latrelle Joy
    Mayor Dan Pope
    These “Lubbock Leaders” are complicit and willing accomplices to death and I have no doubt they will now work to subvert the will of Lubbock voters by doing all they can to keep this ordinance from being enforced. The fight is just beginning. And they will make sure Lubbock voters pay for going against Their Will!
  5. And God, was watching. . . .


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