5 Things We Know On A Sunday: Super Sunday, A Texas Tech Legend, Top Super Bowl Foods Ranked, Snow Days & Tip Those Delivery Drivers Today!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. A friendly reminder for those who might not know or remember. Lubbock High and Texas Tech Legend E.J. Holub is still the only player in history to start two different Super Bowl’s on different sides of the ball. Super Bowl I at linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs and as a winner in Super Bowl IV at center for the Chiefs. I don’t know that anyone will duplicate that feat anytime soon. Holub, an Original Chief and one bad man!
  2. Speaking of the Super Bowl…it should start at 3PM Central every year. On Saturday.
  3. Top 3 Super Bowl Foods: No. 3. Hot Wings. They had a great run, sitting at or near the top for years but seem to have lost a step the last few years. No. 2. Sliders. Sliders are 5-Star players, you can go burgers or sandwich meats; plenty of options and that’s key when entertaining. No. 1. Pizza. A long-time standard, pizza hasn’t given any ground over the years. From frozen to homemade, delivery and more; all ages enjoy a slice and there are a ton of options. Now, if we can combine all three of those items into one pizza…we got a winner!
  4. Kids today don’t know the joy and excitement of getting up early, turning on the TV and watching the bottom of the screen to see if your school had been cancelled or delayed that morning. A text message just isn’t the same level of drama. Just one more thing technology has robbed some generations of . . .
  5. If you’re in Lubbock and you get Domino’s Pizza delivered today, or any other food for that matter, please tip very well. They are risking their vehicle to bring you the food you’re too lazy/scared/didn’t plan ahead to get. Tip them like crazy anyways on a day like today. They’re earning their money. Trust me.



  1. What??? No hot dogs or chili on the list?
    As a school boy, we listened to “This That And The Other” radio show on KSEL to find out if we were having school.

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