7/20/23 Question O’ The Day: Either/Or Thursday -What’s More West Texan & What Will Affect Your Enjoyment Of College Sports More? TBT Air Raiders Roll, Pac 12 Announces . . .

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Happy Thursday!

This week is flying by. Hope you’re ready to make some tough choices because it’s time for your weekly Either/Or Questions. Usually one sports and one non-sports related. Always interesting to see what y’all come up with on these questions. Let’s get going.

What’s more West Texan? Either Sonic or Dairy Queen?

What will have a bigger Negative effect on your enjoyment of college sports in the future? Either N.I.L. / Transfer Rules Or Conference Realignments-Teams Changing Rivalries?

Ok, give us your thoughts today and let’s get ready for a big Thursday night Daily Broadcast. We’ve got a bunch of former Texas Tech basketball players looking good in their 83-62 TBT win last night and maybe, just maybe the Pac 12 will make some news today. But don’t count on it. All that and whatever the day gives us. See ya around 6:30ish on Twitter Live, Facebook Live and Youtube.



  1. 1. I think Sonic has taken the crown away from DQ it seems like the DQ’s are closing while Sonic is staying strong.

    2 Conference realignment for sure. I will miss playing OU and have missed playing Nebraska and A&M. You had an easier time developing sports hate for those teams than like a UCF.

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