College Football Realignment. Some Fan Bases Just Can’t Handle The Pressure. . . (Insert Offended Utah Fan Here) – Allen Corbin.

The Reserve in Lubbock is waiting for you this summer!!!

College Football Realignment Shows Character of Every School and its Fans

The old proverb, “Character is revealed when pressure is applied” can aptly be applied to schools and their fans when news and rumors come out about conference affiliations and realignment. 

The stark contrast of emotions and outlook between the schools of competing conferences are split along cultural and political fault lines which is fascinating considering the petulant comments from Utah Ute’s supporters. It’s even more damning when the Pac 12 Media start releasing stories and podcasts that are so similar in content and tone that you would think a Public Relations group hired by the conference is handing out talking points.

The most consistent pejorative thrown about by the Pac12 Bros ™️ is that the Big 12 Conference is a “Truckstop Conference” and as you can imagine that insults falls flatter than a Pac 12 media contract. The folks in Pac 12 country who don’t want to associate with those religious and rural folks in the heartland live in a Utopia that is sustained and built by those very same people.

Don’t believe me? How else can the erudite fans in Salt Lake City enjoy a down-home breakfast at Park Café without those rural farmers producing the materials to make that delicious Michigan Hash? Who will transport that Oat Milk beverage to the Good Coffee Company in Portland to enjoy an oatmilk latte without truckers and their truck stops?

The kvetching over Pac 12 news delivered by  national media members from the New York Post, CBS Sports, and Action Network shows how such a fragile state that many of the Pac 12 fan bases currently are. If you’re a Tech fan and a Big 12 fan the best thing to do is to ignore the Pac 12 Bros™️ and let them stew in their sad attempts in trolling. Who knows, maybe they will have a TV Deal in two weeks.

Allen Corbin has covered Texas Tech sports in various mediums since 2006.  He is a recovering Utahn living as a Mountain Man in a suburban context.