Finish The Sentence: Texas Tech’s Best Selling-Point To Students And Athletes Is_____________.

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So, if you’re telling the story of Lubbock and Texas Tech, what do you say when it comes to prospective students and athletes? I’ve got friends who have kids getting ready for college right now. I’m intrigued by what the sales message is for Lubbock and the Univeristy.

With that in mind, take a few minutes and give us your best sales pitch for Lubbock and Texas Tech. Maybe you’ve even had to give it to your own kids!

Finish the sentence: Texas Tech’s best selling-point to students and athletes is _________________________.

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  1. …when you leave here you’ll be tougher and kinder than you were when you got here. You can’t spend much time in Lubbock without soaking up some kindness and grit. Plus the wind blows here too much to get too many mosquito bites!

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