Three Questions For Texas Tech Fans To Answer Tonight! From Media to Politics, Texas Tech in your town plus Breakfast. Get after it!

As the nation turns its attention to Minnesota tonight, we aren’t even. going to try and fight the technical gremlins and go for a Daily Broadcast. Still Trouble-Shooting why we can’t see comments. So, that said, we will give y’all Three Questions to answer tonight. I hope y’all take it and run with it. I hope y’all share this with your friends and invite others to be a part of Raiderland and I hope y’all listen to our show Wednesday from 11-1 on Talk 1340 in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo!

So, let’s go! Here are your questions to weigh-in on tonight.

  1. For our Lubbock friends, do you think the A-J, local TV stations and most media represent your views or do you think they promote a political agenda and promote the views of “connected” people in the City. In short, does the local media make Lubbock better or are they a negative influence on the City of Lubbock?
  2. Do you think Texas Tech does a good job of promoting the University and Tech Sports in the town you live in?
  3. What is the best place to eat breakfast in the city you live in? If you had to take your favorite athlete somewhere to eat breakfast in your town, who are you taking and where are you eating breakfast?

OK. We will try again Wednesday on the Daily Broadcast. Working on some ideas. But for tonight, I want y’all to really drive this content, share it and grow Raiderland. Let’s see how y’all do.



  1. 1) Haven’t lived in Lubbock for a bit, but I’d say Lubbock media more representative than others. Low bar.
    2) No, but I live in the heart of darkness
    3) Cafe Java on Metric. I’ll take you next time you’re in town.

  2. 1) Yes, they promote an agenda
    2) I’m in Lubbock, so yes by default
    3) I’m petty easy to please regarding brkfst but I’m taking Wes Welker to Cast Iron Grill if given the choice

  3. 1. Lubbock’s local mainstream media is a joke for the most part. It’s time for several local TV anchor folks to go out to pasture.
    2. The double T is a much more recognized national brand now. Not sure TTU’s promotion is the reason. Thanks Tech hoops and baseball. I’m ready for football to start doing its part.
    3. I’m taking Charles Barkley to Red Zone. After we eat there we are going golfing and then a local watering hole. That’d be a fun day!

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