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The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast (Now In Color!): Big 12 Expansion, Pac 12 Teams Looking Like High School Girls Waiting On Prom Invites… Harder To Give Up For A Full Year? Mexican Food Or BBQ? All That And Much More. Great Audience Participation Tonight! Enjoy And Share!

365 days without one of your favorite foods… could you do it? […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast: The Day After Texas Tech And Cactus Emojis Ruled The World! The ACC Commish Admits It’s Over And Gives Up On Big Time Football, Big 12 Expansion Looks At Colorado And Utah To See Who Jumps First. Radio Free Pac 12 Stuff Here! Enjoy, Share, Comment!

Brought to you in part by Gator’s Bayou. Let’s make it spicy tonight! Get on the patio and enjoy great live music Tuesday’s and Thrusday’s. We got a lot going on tonight. Glad you’re here […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award-Winning Daily Broadcast From Raiderland (In Color): Time For Big 12 To Go Shopping (Poaching) From Dying Pac 12. Who Do You Want? Give Us Your Best ”It’s So Hot” Jokes. Texas Tech Owns TCU And Totally Clowns TCU Recruiting Coordinator. All That Plus Your Great Comments And Questions.

Bacon not included… […]

Talk 103.9 FM Raiderland Podcast

Friday Raiderland Radio Podcast From Talk 103.9 FM! Big 12 vs Pac 12 Conference Realignment, Scheduling Ideas For Big 12, Friday Fades And Rob Breaux Goes Off On A Texter To The Show. It’s Friday! We Had Fun!

Radio so good you’ll listen to it twice! Enjoy the podcast and share with friends. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award Winning Daily Broadcast(Video): The Big 12 WILL Take Arizona And Arizona State. The Big 12 Doesn’t Have To Take Anyone To Thrive. The ACC Is Weaker Than Big 12 If ESPN Wants To Destroy It For SEC Purposes… Watch And Share With Your Friends.

Great show tonight. See y’all on radio Friday from 11-1 on Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. Get the apps and listen everywhere. Even in Pac 12 country. ( Soon […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award Winning Daily Broadcast From Raiderland (VIDEO) The Next 48 Hours Might Determine The Fate Of Two Conferences…What’s Most Logical Outcome For #Pac12 #Big12 Conference Realignment Battle? Which Conference Is Stronger Today? Tomorrow? What Happens Next? We Tell You What We Think, You Tell Us What You Think… Enjoy And Share The Show!

It’s a great show. Trust us. […]

Allen Corbin

The Remaining Pac12 Schools Overplayed Their Hands. They Misjudged Their Market Value. They Thought They Were A Golden God On A Roof In Topeka, Kansas. They Aren’t. They’re Almost Famous… NOW WHAT For The Leftovers? – Allen Corbin.

So. Now what, PAC 12? […]