7/27/23 Question O’ The Day: Either/Or Thursday, Pac 12 Implosion, Big 12 Expansion. Tough Question Today For You On Texas Tech Football…Get to Answering!

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Happy Thursday y’all.

We’ve been waiting for a few weeks for some movement out of the Pac-12, specifically Colorado. We got that and more Wednesday as the Buffalos began the process of leaving the league and heading to the stable, financially-improved landscape of the Big 12. Now, others will follow. Will it be Arizona next? Rumors have Oregon ready to make the move. Will that prod Washington into following the pacific-northwest brethren? All we know is that it will happen fast and will only improve things for Texas Tech. We’ll discuss all of it and much more tonight on the Daily Broadcast.

For now, let’s get to our weekly Thursday Either/Or Questions. Usually one sports and one non-sports, we hit you with a black and white choice. You make the call, then give us your reasons why. Here we go:

You can have one but not both schools out of the Pac-12. Which do you choose? Either Arizona Or Oregon? Which one and why?

The Texas Tech offense can have one, but not both this year…Which would you rather see? Either a 1,200 yard rusher OR a 1,000 yard receiver? Which would imply more success for Texas Tech this year and why?

Hit us in the comments with your Either/Or answers and any thoughts or questions you’ve got for the Daily Broadcast tonight. It should be a good one.