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The Award Winning Daily Broadcast From Raiderland (VIDEO) The Next 48 Hours Might Determine The Fate Of Two Conferences…What’s Most Logical Outcome For #Pac12 #Big12 Conference Realignment Battle? Which Conference Is Stronger Today? Tomorrow? What Happens Next? We Tell You What We Think, You Tell Us What You Think… Enjoy And Share The Show!

It’s a great show. Trust us. […]

Allen Corbin

The Remaining Pac12 Schools Overplayed Their Hands. They Misjudged Their Market Value. They Thought They Were A Golden God On A Roof In Topeka, Kansas. They Aren’t. They’re Almost Famous… NOW WHAT For The Leftovers? – Allen Corbin.

So. Now what, PAC 12? […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): Big 12 Leaders Meet On Tuesday. Are PAC12 Teams Ready To Jump? The Big12 Acting From Position Of Strength For Once. All This Will Happen Fast. Our Thoughts And Your Great Comments And Questions. Enjoy The Show And Share With A Pac12 Friend!

Wanted the PAC 12 folks to feel at home with the “Hyatt Pink Floyd” image…. […]

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Raiderland Radio Tuesday Podcast Via Talk 103.9 FM. Latest on Conference Realignment. Is The Big 12 Gonna Take Over The Pac 12? What About Notre Dame’s Impact on Big 10? Our Thoughts Plus Great Listener Comments. Enjoy And Share!

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Big 12

5 Things We Know About Conference Realignment: College Football Will Be Completely Different – And You’re Gonna Love It! Texas Tech Is Sitting Pretty, Big 12 Stronger Today Than Yesterday, The State Of Arizona Deserves Better Than Pac-12, Plus What We Want To Happen To Stanford And Cal. …

Let the fireworks begin! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Big 12 vs ESPN. Who Wins & How?? Fox vs ESPN. Is Pac12 Tough Enough To Be A Part Of Major College Football? For Texas Tech Fans… What Do You Think Today About Big 12 Leaders… Enjoy And Share With Friends.

Hold on? Major networks with millions of dollars at stake tried to do something in college sports??? […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Is Texas Tech A “Full-Grown” University? Are Tech Alums/Supporters Afraid To Stand Alone From UT? PAC 12 Commish Speaks/ What Did He Say? Political Grandstanding Is Weak And Will Only Hurt Texas Tech And Feed The “Mind Virus” That Tech Is Second-Class In The State. Your Comments/Questions & More! Enjoy And Share The Broadcast!

Has Texas Tech grown up? What about the fans? […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Texas & OU File For Divorce From Big 12. Texas Tech President Speaks. Tech MUST NOT Tie Themselves To Other Texas Schools Via Grandstanding By Politicians. Your Comments/Questions And More! Enjoy And Share.

Go West Young Man! […]