The Daily Broadcast: Is Texas Tech A “Full-Grown” University? Are Tech Alums/Supporters Afraid To Stand Alone From UT? PAC 12 Commish Speaks/ What Did He Say? Political Grandstanding Is Weak And Will Only Hurt Texas Tech And Feed The “Mind Virus” That Tech Is Second-Class In The State. Your Comments/Questions & More! Enjoy And Share The Broadcast!

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So, is Texas Tech ready to be a real University? What about Tech fans? Ready to stand-up on your own? What about local and state-wide politicians grandstanding on this Texas-OU exit, full-well knowing that they can’t stop it and shouldn’t try…. Well, we have some thoughts. We also got your thoughts tonight and y’all made the broadcast great!

So, give it a watch and then book mark our page here and miss nothing we do. If you’re the political handler/PR hack working with a local politician; don’t text or call them. You have my number. Be a Texan and reach out, even though you’re not really a Texan and never will be. Thanks for watching and having Rabbit Ears. . . We appreciate all of our vast audience!